There are countless companies like ADAGE and Duke Energy currently tripping over eachother in the gold rush to set up shop in poor rural communities across our country offering  jobs and millions of dollars in tax revenue  while a “Shell Game” is played with words like “Bioenergy”, “Clean”, “Green”, “Renewable”, and “Sustainable”.

Energy companies stand to collect hundreds of millions of dollars of your tax dollars in subsidies, tax credits and Federal Stimulus funds just for building Biomass Incinerator projects. They stand to profit further afterwards,  by pocketing billions of dollars by trading “carbon credits” on the open market through provisions currently being drafted in the Waxman-Markey Climate bill.

Who is Duke Energy?

This article discusses how Duke Energy is the third-worst carbon polluter in the nation, and that they haven’t invested a single dollar into  so called “Clean Coal Technology”.

According to this article, they would rather the American Taxpayer foot the bill. They are currently a major influence in shaping current climate bill legislation (American Clean Energy and Security Act) which provides them with major exemptions worth millions.

Who is AREVA SA?
Areva SA is headquartered in Paris, France and is a leading U.S. nuclear vendor and a key player in the renewable energy and electricity transmission and distribution sectors.

Consider that AREVA is a foreign corporation and that our tax dollars will be floating to France instead of staying here where it belongs to help our economy recover.

Who is ADAGE?
A recently formed corporation representing a partnership between Duke Energy and AREVA.


  1. who is going to get the electricity generated by these biomass plants?

    • Our understanding is that in Gretna, Florida the local rural electric co-op owned by Talquin Electric is unable to purchase the power directly because they are a co-op within a co-op. The power would have to be purchased by Seminole Electric and the power is simply sold back to the grid. Local residents do not get the power, but they get the pollution!

    • To those who desire to know who the receipients of the electrical power generated by the proposed “biomass” generating plant I would reference Adage’s rep.’s eneumeration of “close, accessible high-voltage transmission line” as being among the “favorable” conditions of siting plant at proposed location. This should make it abundantly obvious that the power will be sent ELSEwhere…those ll5k.v. (soon to be 230k.v.!!) powerlines don’t exactly hook up directly to Gretna City Hall!

  2. We received a call from asthma sufferers in Mason County. They are concerned about their safety and health. They stated that a Canadian Company is going to build this in Mason County, WA, Will these be high paying union jobs…is this an American Company…will this affect the health of the residents? Will this harm the habitat, especially the waterways where there is sensitive salmon and oyster habitat? My answer would be no to the plant. Tim Sheldon calls concerned mothers, children with asthma, and environmentalists “kooks”….nice way to talk about your fellow Americans Tim. Have you ever seen a child with asthma being rushed to the hospital because they cannot breathe?

    • Tim Sheldon forgets that he is suppose to represent his constituents. It is a fight against corporate welfare. They would destroy our environment and have us pay for it. I think many communities will be embroiled in this same fight. I am so worried that the plant in Mason County will go through even though everyone I know is against it. I can’t believe that our local representatives have sold us out! Good luck Florida…

    • From the little I’ve been able to read about Adage and its shifty partners, I’d vigorously oppose letting Adage do ANYTHING in Mason county. The long-term detrimental economic and environmental effects of having their INCINERATOR in or near our community are frightening. It surely seems that the Commissioners aren’t listening to the folks whom they are supposed to be representing. Do they have some secret agenda?

  3. There are many downsides to biomass burners under the control of companies such as Areva, Duke, and Adage; yet I have not been able to find any ups. Medical studies have suggested that the presence of biomass burners have greatly increased the risks of:
    -asthma development/attacks
    -heart/lung diseases
    -pollution related sicknesses
    -and much more
    The proposed Adage incinerator in Shelton, WA has not been put on the table for a public vote. Adage will be removing all trees within a 50-75 mile radius of the plant. They will rake the forest floor of all “excess” wood that they leave behind, making the land baren and extremely hard to grow anything in.
    The incinerator will release Dioxin, Arsenic, Mercury, Lead, Carbon Monoxide, Chloroform, Formaldehyde, and Sulfuric acid, just to name a few.
    Adage will not participate in reforestation, as the pre-existing companies, such as Simpson and Green Diamond, are. Mass erosion will occur due to this, ruining the shellfish and fishing industries in the immediate areas.
    The building and running of the plant will be payed for in taxpayers’ dollars and federal grants for the first few years. As the past has shown, businesses like Adage abandonthe are once they are done making a free profit. Adage brings few minimum wage jobs for the local area as well. Approximately 39 minimum wage jobs will be ctreated in Washington. The product, energy, will not even be used in the local area, since Adage chooses to build in very poor areas.

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