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This site is dedicated to providing the residents of Gadsden, Hamiltion, Franklin, Alachua, Gilchrist, Jefferson, & Taylor Counties (and counties in South Georgia) with information that will help citizens make an informed decision about Biomass power.

You have seen the company-provided information in local media outlets. On this site, you can easily read the company’s own permit application, emissions not listed in their press releases; letters from the American Lung Association, doctors, and more. Your silence, or uninformed support of Biomass plants will threaten your children and family’s health and your property value, and invest your tax dollars in projects that are NOT Green, Clean, Cost Effective, Safe, or Environmentally friendly. We can demand more from our local, state and federal elected officials, who are inviting companies that do not live in, or care about your community, to bring this threat.

In Gadsden and Hamilton Counties, it has been recently announced that ADAGE/Areva/Duke Energy, plans to build biomass burners/gasification units in their communities. In Alachua County, Gainesville Regional Utilities plans a biomass burner; in Franklin County, Biomass Gas & Electric, better known as Bad Gasses & Emissions, plans a biomass gasification/burner. Pulp and paper mills, such as the P&G/Buckeye mill also have plans for more biomass burning/producing electricity. In Gilchrist County, Seminole Electric Cooperative announced plans for a biomass burner. In Jefferson County, the Drifton SJ biomass burner is closed, due to emissions from illegally burning garbage, but plans are in the works for another company to purchase the burner and start it back up again. Note; the neighbors had to report, complain, and nag FL DEP to get attention to the problems.

These companies will be given federal and state subsides, and grants, and reap enormous profits, while polluting our communities and homes. They claim to offer jobs – Is your workforce qualified for these jobs? Is there a contractual requirement for Adage to employ a certain number of people from your community or county?

We oppose these plans for Biomass plants and seek to provide you with information you can use in your community to save your health, your environment, your quality of life, and your property value.

Join Us!

Read why the Massachussets Dept. of Energy Resources Suspends Biomass Applications due to environmental and health concerns, as the number of projects in Florida explodes with blessings of State and local politicians and community leaders desperate for revenue.


  1. How does it happen that at the same time omninous forces abetted by the establishment to take advantage of the stupid masses come onto the scene a caring, articulate, technically savy individual also comes onto the scene taking advantage of the current state of technology to lift the cover of ignorance off the issue.

    That’s cool!

  2. Until politics is released from the death grip of money/ power; the road towards what is right is going to be a looooooooooooooooooooong one.
    The corporations that make sweet deals with local political leaders are not the only ones who are profiting. If your leaders are sleeping with the enemy then recall, recall, recall until you can find one that truly has the communities interests at heart. Clearly Florida needs a political shake up….but they are not alone, one look at the behaviour of congressional representitives will tell you that there a only a handful of well represented communities in the USA.
    Green issues are critical…we cannot afford this game playing anymore. Whether global warming is man made or not the fact that natural resources are in short supply cannot be debated and the fact that business as usual is unsustainable is clear.

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