Posted by: James Maloy | March 19, 2010

ADAGE Gadsden LLC – Withdrawal of Construction Permit Application Request

(Download the letter here)

March 19, 2010

Via Electronic Mail and U.S. Mail

Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Bureau of Air Regulation, Division of Air Resource Management
2600 Blair Stone Road, M.S. 5500
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2400

Attention: Mr. Alvaro Linero, Director of Special Projects

RE:  Application for ADAGE Gadsden LLC – Air Construction Permit Proposed
Nominal 55.5 MW Net Woody Biomass Electric Power Plant Gadsden
County, Florida, Project No. 0390046-001-AC

Dear Mr. Linero:

ADAGE Gadsden LLC (ADAGE) submitted an application (the Application) for
an air construction permit to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau
of Air Regulation, Division of Air Resource Management (Bureau) dated January 27,
2010 for the construction of a proposed nominal 55.5 MW Net Woody Biomass Electric
Power Plant to be located in the City of Gretna, Gadsden County, Florida.  ADAGE
hereby withdraws the Application and requests that the Bureau cease any further
consideration of, or activity upon, the Application.

Thank you for your assistance and understanding in this matter.  If you have any
questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Very truly yours,

F. Reed Wills

cc: Ms. Trina Vielhauer, Chief – Bureau of Air Regulation
(trina.vielhauer@dep.state.fl .us)
Mr. David Read, Engineering Specialist II (


  1. BIG MEDICINE !!!!

    Yet stumbling for a behemoth is not falling…we need the full backstory….FORGE STEADY ONWARD WITH EYES WIDE OPEN !! ..remember, the value sets, decision models and individuals that brought this abominable option to the County are still in place….Chamber of Commerce, County Commissioners, City Commissioners, Churches, Associations, others….

    Maybe, just maybe, CCGC now has an opportunity to continue our efforts to improve our struggling communities, influence considerations for positive job creation, champion pragmatic & appropriate ecological and economic alternatives, provide progressive strategies for a long-term agrarian future FOR the People of GADSDEN COUNTY, emphasize the diversity of our citizens, affect local policy and collectively oppose individuals or entities that suggest otherwise with an unwavering intensity!

    The mission of CCGC broadly defines meaningful values. Further Action demonstrates the sincerity to realize those, bring others into activism & demonstrate an effectiveness in all future efforts.


  2. Congradulations to the
    Citizens of Gretna and Gadsden County on this Victory relating to withdrawal of application for one (1) new biomass generating power plant development submitted to Florida DEP by Adage Gadsden, LLC.

    And remember there are 17 more biomass new developments to go…………..

    Congradulations to all ! Thanks for your hard work.

  3. Hooray, this gives us all hope who fight the battle to save our health, water, air, forest, and our land and homes! Duke plans to build 8 to 10 in southern Indiana. 5000 petition signers in Crawford County and Scottsburg Indiana say NO. The world needs more like James Maloy, Joy Ezell, Dr. Saff and Dr. Sammons who have helped the Concerned Citizens here in Indiana. Hear our cheers to you all in Florida!

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