Posted by: James Maloy | March 16, 2010

Termination of Consideration of Adage Biomass Project in Gretna, Florida

March 16, 2010
Contact: Antonio Jefferson

Termination of Consideration of Adage Biomass Project

Gretna, Florida — Mayor Anthony Baker of the City of Gretna announced today that in light of Adage, LLC’s decision to suspend activity on its proposed Bioenergy facility slated for construction in Gretna (as well as suspension of its application for an air permit through the Florida Department of Environmental Protection) that the City now considers this matter closed and will take no further action on Adage’s request to locate this facility in Gretna.

Inasmuch as the Bioenergy Plant could neither legally operate nor be sited in Gretna without an air permit, the City concluded that this was no longer a viable project and Adage’s decision to suspend activity on its air permit indicated that further consideration of the project by the City was unwarranted. Since there were no issues pending before the City of Gretna requiring action by its Commission relative to the Plant, the Mayor deemed termination of the project as final disposition of this matter as far as the City is concerned.

Download the press release.



  1. They could feel the heat of elections coming on!

    Congratulations All – you’ve done a marvelous job of protecting your communities and your families! Thank you!

  2. Thank you Mayor Anthony Baker for making the right decision on this issue for it would have been a bad mistake to have it in the area.

  3. Mayor Baker, we are all grateful for your wise decision to terminate further consideration of the Adage facility in your city of Gretna. We realize that the proposal did have some support among your constituents so we applaude your courageous action taken for the well-being of all citizens of Gadsden and surrounding counties, and for the greater good of the local ecology. Thank you!

  4. Congrats to Mayor Baker. It takes a big man to choose health over greed.

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