Posted by: James Maloy | December 21, 2009

Doesn’t the Florida DEP protect us?

According to, Florida is already in the top 20% of all States with the greatest risk of cancer from Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP).

Notice that Florida, Georgia and Texas are all in the Top 20% as designated by the dark red color on the map. Ask yourself why Duke Energy and ADAGE have chosen to announce their projects for Biomass Incinerators in these three states. Corporations follow the path of least resistance. The laws designed to protect us are not adequate and often favor the companies who produce the Hazardous Air Pollutants over the interests of the citizens.

Ambient Air Quality computer models are used to determine the overall effect on health on a “regional” basis – not a local basis. According to the WRITTEN NOTICE OF INTENT TO ISSUE A REVISED AIR PERMIT – The Hamilton County Biomass Incinerator proposed will burn 100 TONS of Biomass every hour. If you in close proximity to a Biomass Incinerator that will be burning 100 tons of wood every hour, why would you care how clean the air is in Gainesville or Jacksonville after this material is incinerated in your neighborhood?

Because the amount of any single regulated pollutant from the facility is estimated not to exceed 250 Tons Per Year, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s regulations exempt the facility from ambient air modeling or a requirement for a best available control technology.

ADAGE did however complete their own ambient air modeling study and submitted it to the DEP to be able to say that they have gone “above and beyond” Florida Department of Environmental Protection Regulations. The study does not indicate how presently clean air enjoyed by residents and schoolchildren that live and play within 1.5 – 5 miles of the facility will be affected

See more facts at:

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