Posted by: James Maloy | December 21, 2009

Capital Medical Society Voices Concerns to Florida DEP about Biomass Hazards

September 3, 2008

Ms. Trina L. Vielhauer, Bureau Chief

Bureau of Air Regulation, Division of Air Resources Mgmt.

Florida Department of Environmental Protection

2600 Blairstone Road – MS 5500

Tallahassee, FL  32399-2400

Re: Biomass Gas & Electric’s application for Tallahassee plant

Dear Ms. Vielhauer,

Please be aware that the Capital Medical Society, an organization comprised of more than 535 medical doctors in Tallahassee strongly urges that any building of the proposed biomass gas electric plant in Tallahassee, utilize the most advanced technology to lower potential health risks.

We are concerned that the proposed biomass electric plant will emit soot, known as particle pollution.  Tallahassee’s particle pollution level exceeds the annual threshold recommended by the American Medical Association. Many view particle pollution as the most dangerous form of pollution and a health risk.  We are concerned that pollutants from the plant will adversely affect our patients with respiratory and cardiac conditions and will increases the incidence of respiratory conditions in children.

We understand that DEP requires low levels of emissions when permitting these biomass plants.  We urge you to set low levels with the plant proposed by Biomass Gas & Electric and if approved, that you monitor the plant to ensure that Biomass Gas & Electric make good on their claim that the new plant in Tallahassee will not emit dioxins. Dioxins have been shown in numerous studies to be highly carcinogenic.


Andres Rodriguez, M.D.


cc:  Mayor John Marks, Tallahassee, Florida

Download the letter here

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