Posted by: James Maloy | December 21, 2009

Biomass Industry loves subsidies because it wouldn’t exist without them

One of our fellow Biomass Opponents recently attended the Public Service Commission hearing on the Gainesville 100 MW biomass plant. Much of the Purchase Power Agreement is redacted so prices are secret. (because biomass is not sustainable or renewable) PSC may open  this information at our request to the public,  we’ll know soon.

Duke Energy, PLUM CREEK, JOE, Rayonier Inc., Green Circle Bio Energy Inc. American Renewables LLC have  qualified  as biomass  producers and will see their profits go up ten-fold through the  USDA Farm Bill Biomass Crop Assistance Program (BCAP).

USDA  will provide financial assistance for the collection, harvest, storage and transportation of biomass crops by matching the amounts paid to producers by the biomass conversion facility.

Timber companies currently get  $4/ton for wood chips. When the biomass incinerators are built they will be guaranteed $45.50/ton. They  will also receive 75 percent of the cost of establishing and planting trees. The USDA calls this  “lost opportunity costs.”

Americans are subsidizing the German power companies,  also.

Green Circle Bio Energy Inc will  sell millions of tons of  “cheap” wood pellets to Germany and adventually to huge biomass plants in England.

Biomass Crop Assistance Program

Biomass Crop Assistance Program  (BCAP) – Building Sustainable Places


  1. I am Investigative Journalist John Caylor and I am very interested in the game plan and exposing it. I have 20+ years of successful experience exposing these type environmental frauds put forth by corporations in bed with organized crime. Burning toxic waste and scamming the public coffers is the crime of choice, one in which there are no visible victims – but crimes that destroy the environment and the entire community through lung cancer and various health problems and depletion of resources. I am known to PEER and I am willing to assist in any way possible.

    • Welcome John, thank you for your interest and offer of assistance. We will be in touch shortly!

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